About Nexus

Nexus Clumber Spaniels:: Jim with Puppies

Nexus Clumbers is a small breeding program that has been actively involved in the breed for over 20 years.  We continue to strive to produce healthy clumber puppies that make wonderful family companions and competitive show and performance prospects.
We have bred dogs that have been hunting companions, along with obedience, agility and tracking competitors.  We also breed some of the best conformation clumber spaniels available and we enjoy working closely with people that want to be involved in confirmation.  We enjoy working closely with people that want a light handed mentoring and learning situation.
We do health testing for hip and elbow dysplasia and regular eye testing on our breeding stock.  We also test every dog in the breeding program for its PDP1 status.  Some breeding programs do not test when both parents are clear.  We test every dog to be positive that they are clear.
We like to actually talk to prospective buyers about themselves and about our dogs and our breeding program.   If you are interested in a Nexus puppy please email us or give us a phone call. 

Jim and Shirley Fankhauser